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I can not install Nero Platinum 2018 Suite in windows server 2016, but i can use nero 11 in this OS.

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  • I can't read the message but I assume it's telling you that you need Win 7, SP1 or later. Windows Server 2016 isn't listed as a supported OS for any Nero product so I don't know how v11 runs in it.

    You could try running it in a compatibility mode, if WS 2016 has such a setting. You would right click on the v2018 installation file and select the Compatibility tab and then set the compatibility mode to Win 7 or later. I've tried looking for information on that but it's very elusive.

    You also might run it in a virtual machine but I think you would need to have a supported OS installed in it.

    If what I said is not applicable, you can go here-

    and submit the contact form.

    This only applies if you have a purchased serial number for v2018.
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