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I purchased Nero Platinum on 20/7/2018 and Nero was operating .I moved the Nero Folder to another drive on my Pc Now not Responding???

I purchased Nero Platinum on 20/7/2018 and received my registration Key and did all the requirements and Nero was operating on my PC. I moved the Nero Folder from my C-Drive to my H-Drive and back because of space and capacity of the drives. Now my Nero is not functional.
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  • Yeah you should really keep it on the C Drive to be fair there are so many elements to the program errors can occur all you can do is fully delete the program and redownload it either from your downloads or from there control centre or what I always do is put the program on a memory stick so it is always ready lol, This should cure the problem you will get a message about the keys you may have to put the key back in and also when you first run it you will get a message pop up just pick the option "I reinstalled the program due to a hardware failure" you get about 6 goes at that unless you have a multi licence just don't select "I want to run Nero on multiple PC's" or you have to start it all again its to much hassle to try and find the problem when this fixes it in almost all cases.
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