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I had to reinstall Window 7 and cannot get Platinum 14 to recognize my product key.

Burning ROM and SoundTrax were not working for a while. I ended up reinstalling Windows 7 with a clean install. I downloaded Platinum 14 and re-entered my product key. I got the message that that key was already on my computer. But it never showed up in Control Center and in Control Center it still says I am using the trial version and the days are counting down until the trial version expires.

How can I get it to recognize my product key?

Also, I went ahead and tried to install SoundTrax multiple times. Each time it fails to install and I get the message the installation was interrupted. I did nothing to interrupt it. It simply aborted on its own. I have even tried to do that install immediately after booting my computer to ensure I have no other applications running and still it aborts.

How can I get SoundTrax to reinstall?

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