I have moved country how do I change my billing details?

I want to buy an upgrade but when I try to change the address for my billing details I cannot change the country. Without this I am sure the payment authorisation will not be accepted.
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  • Unfortunately we are not able to help you in this case.
    Please contact Asknet who are in charge of our Nero online shop.

    There are two possibilities to contact Asknet - either via their Customer Service Center, or by phone.

    To reach their Customer Service Center, please click the following link:


    Customer Service:

    England: +44 871 6640173 (0.10 GBP per minute)
    Germany: +49 721 96458 0 oder +49 721 96458 8091
    Netherlands: +49 721 96458 8095
    France: +33 826 100127
    Italy: +49 721 96458 8094
    Portugal: +49 721 96458 8094
    Russia: +7 495 7399841
    Spain: +34 902 044309

    If you live in the USA please use this telephone number:


    or from outside the USA: 1-415-449-5700

    Business hours: Monday to Friday 9am - 6pm
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