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I’m frustrated

I would like to know if there is a way to insert right-to-left text like Hebrew or Arabic

I'm trying to add Hebrew text to the video (Space Scroller) but Nero reverses the order of the words, and writes the letters from left to right.
Can you please advise how can I add right to left text?
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  • Yes, you can. I think you mean the typewriter effect in Nero Video.

    If you already have a video in the timeline on video track 1, you can insert the text effect on video track 2 by simply dragging & dropping it to the timeline.

    The editing mode will appear in the preview screen, there you can set your text to the right. Now type in the text you want.

    When playing back the video now. you will see, that the text will be typed in from the left to the right.

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