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Install Limit

Hello.i have 2014 version of Nero. and i can't use it at the moment because ther's an item that says my limit of install has ended, and i use it on 1 pc, so i don't understand.
I did clean my pc. that's true, but that may not be a problem for installing my bought product,!!
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    Hello Marco,
    There is a 5 times limit on re-installing the Nero software before it is "locked" even on the same computer.

    To solve this, try sending an email to

    with the details about the situation - including your 39 character long (including the hyphens) Nero serial number. Ask for a serial number reset / activation.

    Bear in mind it might take Nero a few days to respond.

    (If they try to "up-sell" you to buy a new version, insist on getting your 2014 version reset instead.)
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