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I’m frustrated

Installation of Nero Platinum 2014 is a pain in the butt. Why is this so difficult to solve this problem?

Back and Forth with someone that just doesn't understand apparently what is going on. I am not going into it here because I have tried and tried to explain that the program will not install. If a company puts out a product that is so hard to install then I wonder what is the use of having it. Nero you had better go back to the drawing board and create a better product. People do not have time for this *%*&$. I purchased this software the end of January and it is still not installed.
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  • The problem is:
    Normaly there is no problem.

    I personaly have installed nero 2014 over 100 times - without any problems.

    Installation problems are normaly caused by defect registry or windows installer database entries.

    Also, according to you other thread, it is no installation problem - according to your last posting, you have a problem with a special application
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