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Is is possible to do lens flares in Nero Video?

I would like to add some simple light effects to an intro sequence I've created for my YouTube channel. Nothing too fancy, but I can't seem tim find a soluion in Nero Video 2016.
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  • Hi Russell,
    Perhaps if you can find a lens flare image you could use Chroma key to superimpose it onto your video?

    This old topic talks about using Chroma key in Nero Video (2015) but it works the same in 2016.

    The closest effect I suppose in the Nero Video choices would be the "Sparkle" effect ... but it's not really a lens flare.

    Maybe you could request a lens flare effect for future updates to Nero via the contact form on the web ...

    You can use the "Contact Form" from here for example:

    Technical support (Requires a serial number):

    or ...

    Customer Service:
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