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Is there a way for Nero to transfer an m3u playlist to USB stick?

I was used to using Nero express for making mp3 music CD's from m3u lists. Is there a way to do the same but to a USB stick?
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  • If you're asking can you create the equivalent of a mp3 CD which will play from the USB stick like in a CD player, I don't think so. There's no options to output to a USB stick and, even if you could, I'm not sure how the information for playback would be handled. I've mulled over using the imagerecorder or burning as an .iso but I'm getting in over my head.

    You could create a VCD in Nero Video in which you add your audio files and a very short video or picture and burn that to your USB stick. However, I don't think it would play on a standalone CD player.

    Maybe someone else will have some ideas. You could always send an e-mail to tech support at
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