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Is there a way to auto add chapters every xx minutes?

Is there a quick way to automatically add evenly spaced chapters (similar to U-lead Moviefactory)? i.e. add chapters every 7 minutes, or 5 minutes?

I can do it by setting the autoset chapters to a very high sensitivity, and selecting minimum 5 or 7 minutes. But to sit and wait for the software to scan the entire file just to auto-add chapters seems like an arduous way to do it.

If it is not in this version, has any thought be given to adding this feature? My guess is that it wouldn't take much to add it to the drag down chapter add menu.

Along that same line, it would be nice to add a scroll wheel to aid in selecting chapters. There isn't a real easy way to go through your recording and ping it down to a single frame for adding chapters.

Thanks for your time!
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  • To answer your question, No.

    If you're in the Content screen, you can move the marker manually, using the time on the right hand side under the preview window, every five minutes and select Add Chapter in the Clapboard.

    In Make advanced movie, if you zoom into a video on the timeline, you can use either the jog\shuttle wheel for positioning or just click on the time scale every five minutes and then click on the chapter icon on the right.

    You're suggestion should be submitted to tech support via e-mail to get the notice it deserves.
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