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Issue with choppy/distorted sound with Nero Video 2018 when compiling/editing a video

Hello All. Hope you can help. I have spent days and days compiling clips of various home/holiday footage on Nero Video 2018. It had been going well and i had not experienced any issues until recently. The files i am editing together are standard video files from my Samsung s7 phone and Nikon camera.

I am currently in the edit mode where i am importing and adding the clips, trimming, adding effects etc. The first half of my movie , when previewed, sounds choppy and distorted. The video itself seems fine although occasionally jumpy (but this could be my PC memory running at capacity). There wasnt any issue like this a few days ago. The only change I noticed is that i might have disabled background rendering so not sure if the two are related. However, the second half of the movie plays fine.

When double clicking a video clip i.e. when it opens up in box/screen (where it gives me the option to trim it) the sound is fine and undistorted

Upon selecting "next" from the edit mode and moving on to the next stage (where i can add chapters, menu etc) , it also sounds choppy during this preview screen too.

I have decided to export this file to an bluray/mp4 file and will then play it to see if it sounds and appears fine but if the problem remains does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? What could suddenly corrupt the audio?
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