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I’m frustrated

Location of Nero 2015 Contents Pack Extracted Files?


i recently purchased nero 2015 platinum. when i went to install it i clicked on the contents pack first by mistake. when it was extracting i was speaking on the phone and my computer went into sleep mode.

the files successfully extracted onto my computer (taking up appox 1gb of space), but the install did not initiate. when i woke my computer up, it did not prompt me to install the extracted files.

where were these files extracted to???? they were NOT extracted to the TEMP folder. I have emptied it, yet the space is still being used.

can someone please enlighten me as to where these files are so i can delete them?

i purchased the burning program because i am low on space and want to move files onto discs for storage. i would like this space back, as it is now being pointlessly used!

if you could please let me know where the extracted files would extract to on windows 7. or what the filenames of the extracted files are so that i can search them.

would be appreciated. this is incredibly frustrating. thanks.
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  • I'm a little confused because you said you purchased Platinum and then you said you purchased the burning program.

    The extracted files are normally here-

    C:\Users\"user name"\AppData\Local\Temp

    For v2015, it removes all the temp files after installation. Nice improvement. However, you didn't get that far. You could try the installation of the base program and then the Content pack to see if the files are automatically removed.
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