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lost desktop after installation of Nero Video

Has anyone else lost their desktop and icons after installing a Nero program?

It happened to me today. I have been interacting with Nero employees about a wrong program they sold me during an upgrade. One or more of them told me I needed to use Nero Video instead of Nero Burning Rom 2014 which they chose for me as the required upgrade to Nero 10 Lite. So today I downloaded a trial version of Nero Video. I installed the program. After that my desktop and every icon on it disappeared. I restarted my computer several times but could not get my desktop to return. I googled about this issue and tried a solution that had worked for others, temporarily ending explorer.exe through the Task Manager. But that didn't bring my desktop back. I thought I might have to call Microsoft and pay to have them restore my desktop. Finally I found another solution suggested through a Google search:

1. Right-click on my blank desktop
2. Click on View
3. Click on Show Desktop Icons

Voilá! My desktop returned.

If any of you have your desktop disappear after installing a Nero program, try this solution. It might work for you.

I have no idea what causes the problem. I hope Nero can fix whatever caused the problem if it was caused by the Nero installation (that was the only change I made to my computer when my desktop disappeared).

Happy New Year!
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