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Moving Nero 2015 from Windows 8.1 to Windows 7 Pro

Can I move may copy of Nero 2015 to another computer? (I hate windows 8.1) and want to put in on a windows 7 Pro operating system. If so, how do I transfer it? My Nero 2015 is a downloaded copy which I have.
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  • Hi EJ,
    Take a note of your serial/licence number ... (39 characters including the hyphens), from the existing installation - found in Nero ControlCenter - under Your Product - Serial Numbers section. (You can right click on the number and copy and paste it to notepad for example, if you want to save typing. - to transfer it to the other installation via a USB.

    If you still have the installation exe file and content pack for Nero 2015, just install those on your Windows 7 machine.

    If you don't, then you can download the trial version and content pack from the Nero Website. When you put in your proper serial number, it will become fully operational.

    When you install on the Windows 7 machine, you will then need to uninstall the old Nero from the Windows 8.1 machine and also, if you receive a pop-up asking you why you are re-installing when on the windows 7 computer, choose "Permanent transfer" or words to that effect.

    The reason you need to uninstall the old one is that you can only have one active copy per serial number, and the patents are only allowed to be activated for one installation.
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