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MP3 Or Flac?

My product is Nero Multimedia Suite 10. It runs on Windows 7 64-bit. Not since the days of cassette tape have I done any personal recording of other purchased music. I have three CD's of swing era music marking the first time this music made it to CD from the original recordings. Among the two people I asked, both confirmed that it is better to burn than rerecord my former way. However, one mentioned flac files as taking up less room. Now, is Nero able to create these files from the CD's? Will they play? On the computer I don't think Nero comes with a music player, so that would leave Windows Media Player. I also have Media Player Lite. Would those files play on both my Toshiba DVD player and my car CD player? In the near future, CD players will no longer be standard equipment in cars; so that ability may become a minor issue.
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