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Need Help.....burning slideshow in Nero 2017

I have nero 2017 Platinum running windows 7 ultimate 64 bit and I created a slide show but it will not let me burn it to a dvd. I need this dvd by tomorrow afternoon. That is why I spent the money to get this software. I need Help
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  • Hi Chad,
    Is this in Nero Video?

    What is the error message saying (if anything) ...

    Assuming you are going on in Nero Video to create disc / DVD / DVD-Video and selecting the DVD burner as the output with a blank DVD-R of similar in it?

    Have you checked that your Nero 2017 Platinum serial number is showing as OK in the Nero ControlCenter / serial numbers section?

    If not ... use the "Add" button to enter in the 39 character long (including the hyphens) serial number.
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