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Nero 11 re-installed but need 'creative pack' to put it back how it was.

I have installed nero 11 to my new computer after the m/board crashed. I thought I may as well do a new computer with Windows 10 instead of XP.
Nero works well on windows 10, but on my old system there were heaps of 3d, 2d and 2d animations which was installed on it. I believe these are called 'Creative Packs'. Any idea where I can download these from so I can get it back to how it used to be?
I found where they were put, and I tried a sneaky and copied the Nero Content file across but I think the installation registers them so this did not work.
So right now I have 1x 3D and 5x 2D templates but would love to get it back to the amount I used to have.
Please help!!!!!!
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