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Nero 14, unable to import a MKV.file


I am using Nero 14 for year's and never had a problem until today.

I tried importing a 300mb MKV file to convert it to MPEG 4. Got the error message of unable to import the file.

I tried with a different MKV file and worked no problem, is it an issue with the file I have or Nero?

I have checked the permissions on the file and can't find anything to suggest a problem

Thank's for the help.
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  • mark,

    Uploading the problem file to one of the cloud services and providing a link here would be helpful.

    An alternative would be to download and use the free MediaInfo program to get data about your problem video. If you choose to do this:

    Right-click in the text display and Select All; then, Copy.
    Paste the information into a forum post.
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