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I’m Frustrated and angry

NERO 2015 Platinnum Applications are not Working.

Nero 2015 Platinum,

What a piece of sh##t. I bought this software because it was supposed to be a good one, but not only that, it was supposed to work. However, it doesn ́t.

Ive installed and uninstalled the software many times, trying to make small changes, to follow others experiences. But it takes me always to the same place. It doesnt work.

Ive installed the program first. Then the content pack. Till this point, there is no complaint, probably because didnt try to use it yet. Then both instalations are ready and succesfully done.

Now the funny part comes. I try to create some photo presentation, add some music, some videos, well, impossible, its not working and program close itself constantly. The worse thing, its not even telling me about any error on the system.

I try to convert some video formats, not because Im and idiot who want to do strange things with a program, but because there is an application on it for that. its called, Nero Recode, but guess what...? again, it keeps closing once and again, and again and again.

So basically Ive paid for a software that its not working on my computer. I tryed the Nero Media Home, not working. Nero Media Browser, not working. Nero video, Not working, Nero Recode, Not working.

The question is, what did I buy? only the Nero Burning Rom? if so, I want my money back, it is a fraud, Ive paid for a complete program that was supposed to work on my PC but never did.

Ive sent some messages to the support, but... obviously, none replied me. So seems that Ive wasted my money with this software.
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