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Nero 2016 Platinum - Nero Video Give Missing content Error

I did a clean install of Windows 10 N this morning and purchased Nero 2016 Plat this morning as well. I have install Windows twice and have installed Nero Platinum 4 times. I get the same result.....

One of the application's components could not be loaded. Please re-install the application.

Everything else works as expected from the control panel but Nero Video. I have used the product in 2015 and had the same issue with Windows 8.1 but after doing a clean install, everything worked perfectly. Tried that with Windows 10 N and no luck. I've checked the forums and google searches and everything that I saw I tried... Video updates, downgrading the compatibility on the version. I use Nero Video to make video presentations for parties and I'm stuck right now and may have to downgrade back to Windows 8.1 and Nero 2015 Plat to get things back working. Looking for some help and will send or email whatever is needed. Again, just bought 2016 Plat yesterday and to have it not work right out the box is not a good thing for me.


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