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Nero 2017 error 1939

I tried to install NERO 2017 on a new PC (LENOVO - win 10) after the crash of the one in which NERO was previously installed.
I used the original files.exe with the appropriate serial number.
The installation runs correctly as long as it stops showing this error message:

<< Error 1939. Service "Nero Update" (NAUPdate) coud be not configured. This coud be a problem with the package or your permission. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to configure system services. >>

Please, consider:
- I performed the installation as an administrator
- I have not found in the registry no keys about  "NAUpdate".
- I have no AntiVirus, only Windows defender.
Can you help me ?
I also ask: is it conceivable that there's a problem of activating or deactivating the NERO license on two different PCs due to the previous installation on the crashed PC?

Many thank for your attention.
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