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Nero 2017: How do I only burn a part of my main movie?

I own Nero 6. There, if the main movie, uncompressed, is too big for one dvd (4,5 gb), I select only part of the movie (chapters 1 to n), burn the dvd, then select the remaining part of the movie (chapters n+1 to last) and perhaps some of the additional material on the original dvd.

This does NOT seem to be possible with Nero 2017 which I now bought for my new computer, there seems to be NO function to select only a part of the main movie?

(All I seem to be able to do is to accept that Nero Recode will downgrade the quality in order to get it all onto one single target dvd. If I had wanted lesser quality, I wouldn't have bought Nero againk though.)

There also is "Nero Media Browser" - with that tool, dividing up the main film should be possible, I read somewhere in the web? Would this involve TWO recodes instead of one, for the same material (i.e. for the same parts of the main film: first into Media Browser or some target file from there, then into the target dvd file)?

Also, that "Media Browser" does NOT display any dvd, any material from my dvd drives, so that cannot be done for that reason, too? Anyway, even IF that's possible - IS it? WITH the choice of the audio tracks and the subtitle languages? -, it seems that this would be quite incredible fuss (and quality loss, too?), compared with Nero Recode 6.

Does "community-powered" mean NO Nero expert can help with this question?

If I got "emotional", oh well - I should probably never bought Nero a second time. (My Nero 6 was paid, too.)
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