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Nero 2017 platinum on new computer....

We bought NERO 2017 PLATINUM at a store (not online). We installed it on one computer, but now I want to install it o a new computer. It did the installation, but I can't do anything with it because it is registered on another computer. How can I deactivate it on the 1st computer and what must I do to be able to use it on the 2nd computer?
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  • Hi Maritza- You can only activate the patents for one installation of a Nero product when you only have one serial number. If you can, uninstall it from the first computer. Not sure that will fix it since one normally uninstalls it first before installing it on another computer. If it doesn't, send an e-mail, which contains your serial number, to They will activate the patents on the second computer (as noted, they will be deactivated on the first computer).
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