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NERO 2018 Platinium

I have problem with 2018 NERO MEDIA HOME: I will try to open Nero Media Home and it does not open, only loading will in display. My older NERO 2017 Platinium was working correctly with Nero Media Home. Is there something solution of this problem? My computer OS is Win 7.
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  • Could you please apply the following steps:

    - please open Windows Explorer
    - enter %appdata% and press return
    - this will open the folder AppData, typically C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming
    - go a level up and into the folder Local and from there into Nero
    - zip the folder MHLog and the file MediaHub.1.db and send it to (if it is too large to send via email please provide a link to an online storage e.g. OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive)
    - go a level up and rename the folders Nero and Nero_AG (e.g. to Nero_OLD and Nero_AG_OLD)
    - restart Nero MediaHome

    Please note: Any albums, playlists, faces, other metadata you created with previous versions of Nero MediaHome will be lost in this process.

    The step with sending the file to us will help us to solve the issue for other customers. Of course it is optional.
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