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Nero 2018 + The installation of Microsoft VC Redist 2015 (x86) failed

Try installing NERO 2018 which I purchased about 6 months ago and has Windows 10 Home, version 1803, 64 bit. Comes all the way to the "InstallShield Wizard" window. That stops it. Receives an error message that "The installation of Microsoft VC Redist 2015 (x86) failed. Has tried to download this file from Microsoft's website. But it is not allowed to install it in Windows. Receives an error message that there is a newer file on Windows.Have downloaded version (x64) of the same file from Microsoft and then asked if I would like to fix the file. I press yes and then it is installed. But Nero 2018 does not accept this and only receives the same error message. Had the same problem with Nero 2017 and I gave up. So I still use Nero 2016 on my PC and that works fine. No problems there.Tried to contact support for Nero and then had to download a program that found that I had Nero 2016. Then I was not allowed to contact them. But my problem is not 2016. But Nero 2018. Someone who has their email address? Thanks for all the help in advance and I am no data expert. Then need some thorough help and no difficult explanations. Thanks in advance.
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