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I’m frustrated

nero 2018 video will not finish a 4K video so I can burn a DVD or save to hard drive as 4K

In the first screen you make your video then save & go to edit & it won't go any farther so you can't do anything with your 4K video. I would like to make 4K video to watch on 4K TV but Nero 2018 won't do it.
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  • Hi Mark-

    First, you can't burn 4K resolution to any kind of disc, including blu-ray. The technology isn't there yet (at least to us consumers). The best you'll get is 1920 x 1080. If you want to burn the latter resolution to a DVD, you'll need to use AVCHD-DVD and that requires a blu-ray player to play it. In DVD-Video, you're limited to 720x..

    You can export your project to 4K as a file. You could then stream that file to your TV using something like Nero MediaHome. I would suggest turning off "trancode video."

    Do you have a device that records in 4K or are you using a downloaded file? Most files in 4k resolution would probably be copy protected. That may be the cause of your problem but Nero Video should identify that.
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