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I’m frustrated

Nero 2020 Platinum Will not Burn

Bought this last week uninstalled it 5 Times. Will not Transcode, after the 2 Green Lines Go Past Nothing.

Tried everything even going to options making sure it is selected to UK PAL.
They are going to Lose a Heck of a Lot with this Problem that other People beside myself are Experiencing & they have No SOLUTION TO THIS ISSUE

Used Nero for 15 Years with Upgrades, this is Shocking.
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  • I'm not aware that a lot of people are experiencing this problem or that tech support doesn't have a solution. If that was the case, the forum would be filled with new threads on the issue.

    Note that once you uninstall/reinstall 5 times, you will need to get your patents reactivated on the next install.

    That said, I assume you're burning or exporting from Nero Video. If that's the case, what is the format of the file (s) you're using and how large are they?

    Are you using the default settings?

    Did you register it after you first installed it? Is your activation number shown in the serial number section of the Nero ControlCenter?
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