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Nero 3 video jumping and stalling but have audio

I have recently bought a new HP laptop which has windows 10 and bought and installed Nero premium 3 2017. Initially the video appeared a little jumpy but as I had also bought a second-hand camcorder I thought it may be that. However after about the third go on Nero the video has become very jumpy and lags behind the audio. Ie if I play the clip(s) audio is fine but suddenly video will stop or go extremely slow so it goes out of sync with audio, then it will catch up and go like this all the while. the strange thing is though it does not do it all the while. As soon as I try to edit anything ie add a narrative this seems to make it worse. I also borrowed another camcorder and the same thing happens with this so it is not the camcorder and the computer is new. I bought the software from amazon. The audio never lags that is always ok it is always the video. Any ideas as currently unusable and I may have problems sending this back as it is software. I have also tried uninstalling and installing with no difference.
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