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NERO Burning ROM 2017

NERO Burning ROM 2017 (32 bit AMD HP Pavilion system, 3.6 Ghz Processor 2x, W10 OS)
In the past NERO was reliable well structured and user friendly. NERO Burning ROM 2017 (payed for the SW) is the opposite to all this. All the previous versions took quite a while to install but when done it worked!
NERO Burning ROM 2017 is a terrible piece off SoftWare. It takes ages before it is installed and when you think it can be used after defining the wanted operation (Definition of the wanted action: a boot DVD from an ISO file) it gets stuck in probably a Software Loop. There is no way to KILL the SW. Even the Taskmanager is not able to KILL NERO. NERO does not respond to the command. Should the system be restarted before NERO can be used?? No indication it needs to be. The only way to KILL the loop is to SHUT down your system by means of the Power Switch.
By doing so the system is restarted if it had to. Windows 10 and many previous versions can cope with that.
So now it will work you think. The system is restarted, the NERO SW in correctly initialised. Again the wanted action defined. the moment the action is initiated the system gests stuck again. NO KILL possible! Repeat the shut down.
After the system is restarted the NERO SW is de-installed. Will take ages too. Maybe the first time there was a bug?
Clean the Windows register in case there are unwanted leftovers from the first installation. Restart the system to be sure everything is setup correctly.
Install NERO Burning ROM 2017 for the second time. Wait again endlessly, eat dinner, drink coffee and Yippee NERO is installed.
Define the wanted action again (a boot DVD from an ISO file), surprise .... STUCK again!!
Windows Explorer does a better job after de-installing NERO for the 2e time. Fell asleep while waiting. You need to because NERO prevents Explorer from doing the job when installed.
I bought only the Burning ROM part and not the whole package. NERO phylosofy 'pay only for what you want'?!
If you need more you pay more! If you want it all and buy it piece by piece it is quite expensive!  Right but it should work!!
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