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Nero Control Center hängt sich bei Update auf

Wenn ich im Nero Control Center den Button "Update" klicke, bleibt die funktion oft hängen (es ragiert nichts mehr)

Windows 10
Nero 2014 Full version
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  • Hello Mister Jedermann,
    It is "unlikely" that there will be updates to Nero 2014 because it is fairly old.

    However, one thing to try ...

    You would probably have to do a reboot after the below steps to get it to re-initialize the repository folder ...

    Try this:

    If you delete the "Repository" folder completely from:


    Then after a reboot, and a restart of Nero, it should rebuild itself when you click the Check for Updates button in Nero ControlCenter.

    (It might take a little while to re-initialize ... but bear with it.)

    Note: The ProgramData folder could be "hidden" on your system, so you might need to use the Windows File Explorer "View" tab to let it show hidden files in that area.
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