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I’m frustrated

Nero discontinues Back-up Services.... Thoughts?

Hello forum, I rarely ever post in any forums, so I apologize if I wrote too much, or didn't follow a specific rule. I did search and didn't really find anything related to this. So, below is my message that I sent to the Nero Back-Up team, and am now sharing it as widely as I can. Also, please be honest, do you feel as though my rant is justified, or am I just being a little too sensitive? Enjoy!

"Hello, my friend has been trying to get me to get Nero for like a decade, and this year I pulled the trigger and bought the program. My tipping point for doing so was the free 5G of back-up online service....

I came to set up my back-up today, because I am having to do a clean system reinstall due to some GPU issues. Anyway, I am now stuck wondering what to do with all my files and now have to go through the hassle of trying to back them up else-ware. I have to say that I am very disappointed in this. I only marginally enjoy the program as it is. For $100, one would think a long standing software company such as yourselves would understand that cutting back services is a very risky move. I bought my program as advertised, and true I am sure that if I had done some preemptive research, then I would have found on the forums or somewhere that this was coming, but why would you allow a BRAND NEW customer to believe they will have a service (could storage for my precious moments) when in fact, I will only be able to use it for a month to then have my items permanently deleted. Really that illogical and rude. Shame on you Nero team, Shame.

What worse is that I have a large growing family, 5 kids, and I was really wanting to get them engaged with the Nero program and into editing so that we could have some really good keep memories for many years and to pass on to further generations. I still will, it just won't be with Nero. Now take a moment to realize the lost revenue of just myself, and potentially 2-3 copies of the software in my own home, and then into the future where my kids then continue using the software... $300 or so dollars a year for, let's say 15 years, while the kids are still living under my roof. $4,500 in lost revenue + all of the other people we have now turned against for and for competitors.

I know I am only one individual, but I can guarantee you that my voice will be heard in this matter. We, the customer peons will rise and I for one will be looking into other more viable software options for casuals such as myself in this tainted world of photo and video editing. Cheers,


Lastly, before people go trolling "Cloud services are everywhere, just go get another... Well Duh!!!! Thanks for that info that I didn't already have, the point is I wanted it here, and I expected it here, and was hoping for a streamlined experience. Also, it's partial laziness, I just don't want to go manually do it, I paid money for Nero to do it for me, or so I thought. Thanks for reading, and please share your comments. Good bad or indifferent.
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