I’m frustrated

Nero - I set a record!

10 years back it was easy to purchase Nero, even though it was across the big pond.

Now I don't have a clue. It seems that it is now a marketing solution for Cleverbridge. The purchase of the product and download took 2 tries.

It still looks good, can't find help, so as yet I have not started. I did get F1 to bring up, after click here, of which displayed a message that was of no help.

So I turned to customer help. Here I set a record. I opened about five screens, to leave a message, and I said to myself. Self you're not going to open that 6th window to leave a message. Th at's why I'm here.

Where is the help system?
What is the top version of Nero? Where is a comparison chart?
Is Nero (Company)still the owner or is Cleverbridge.

I liked Nero in the past and when I find the help system I'm sure I will like it again.

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