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I’m frusterated

nero media home essentials 4 keeps becoming corrupt on window 8.1

I'm running window 8.1 and reinstalled nero media home essential 4.

Application runs well for a short time then crashes. It says the executable has become corrupt.

I shut nero down and restart it. I see it running in task manager but I am unable to restore the window or see the nero service on my smart tv or ipad.

This problem has started about a week ago. Before that everything was running fine.
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  • Hi Angelo-

    NMH 4 is not supported in Win 8. However, it could be that a Windows update or changes you have made to a driver has caused this. Can you do a system restore to before the problem occurred?

    The latest incarnation of Nero MediaHome is free and Win 8 compatible. I believe the Nero MediaHome Play to TV and Streaming plug-ins are included. For all other plug-ins, one has to buy a complete package.
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