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I’m Mad and disappointed

Nero Platinum 2016 has just stopped playing Blu-ray, and It seems to be centered around not recognizing the blu-ray drive.

My Nero 2016 Platinum just stopped recognizing my blu-ray drive. It is not funny, not an error in the drive because powerDVD is still working correctly. I think Nero is trying to push users to the newer product by breaking their previous products. If it is a problem with an update it should be corrected quickly, or I will discontinue my use and future purchases of their products including any from their related companies. I noticed that some of their new offering have annual fees, so this is likely their reason for this tactic.
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  • Hi,
    - Beside products with annual fees you can still buy unlimited products
    - We are not breaking anything in older products to push you to newer ones
    - Nero Blu-Ray Player is a discontinued product since Nero 2016 and most likely it stopped working because one of the newer discs you tried to play invalidated the security system of the player because it is to old, this is a functionality of the AACS copy protection mechanism not designed by Nero
    Hope this helps a bit to clarify the situation.
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