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I’m frustrated, very!

Nero Platinum 2017 Has Problems - Mostly Documentation

I just downloaded Nero Platinum 2017 along with the Content pack, BackItUp, OODefrag, PCMover Express, Steganos Priovacy Suite, Video Downloader Ultimate and Website X5 Starter 13. I have been using Nero products since the 1990s. Three major problems I am having are

1. Nero Video 2017 does not want to save videos in MP4 format. I am starting with .mts clips and some text effects, but I can only save in AVCHD format.This is not good. I get a message which says "problem saving video"...Bad!

2. The new Nero KnowHow app is not helpful at all. I want the entire PDF manual for the Nero products I have purchased, not some flaky online facility that is hard to browse. Keep this for people using Nero with their phones and tablets, but GIVE ME THE PDF MANUAL! I don't want to have to rely on an online connection to search and browse the user manual.

3. The most recent PDF manual I could find for BackItUp was 2013, 4 years old. I could not find BackItUp anywhere in your Nero KnowHow app. So you have effectively eliminated the manual for BackItUp 2017. Bad, bad, bad!

I will be very reluctant to do another Nero upgrade if these issues are not addressed.
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