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Nero Platinum update.

I got a pop-up today telling me I could update my Nero Platinum 2018. The linked page said, "Please perform the update via ‘Nero ControlCenter’ > ‘Update’ > ‘Check for updates’ > ‘Update now’." Nero ControlCenter is not install so I downloaded the update installer which is named, "Nero2019-20.0.05600_trial.exe." Is this a full or trial version of the control center or a trial version of the entire Nero 2019 program?
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  • Since you have v2018, downloading a v2019 file is not going to help you.

    Go to, downloads, previous product downloads. Select Nero 2018 versions and the appropriate installer. Download it.

    Right click on it and select "run as administrator."

    Since you already installed v2018, it will automatically detect your serial number. In addition, it should already have all the updates.

    Does that help?
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