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Nero Recode 12 Cannot Transcode Source File

I have been using Nero Recode 12 for a while now to recode all of my DVD for my plex server.  So far it has been a wonderful program allowing me to compress all of my DVD to my needs. 

Last week I started on some of the cartoon series I have.  While working through the boxed sets of the Thundercats Recode started giving me the error of " Nero Recode Cannot Transcode the source file because its it not valid or damaged." 

The weird part is this is happening on the first 12 DVDs that are in the first box of the box set.   The second box and all of its DVDs have ripped and encoded just fine.   

I have updated Nero products to the 12.5 release.
I have tried ripping the whole DVD and not just the chapters and still got the same error.

My workflow is to rip the DVD using Make MKV and then use Recode to get it to the desired file size.  (Currently using 1.14.2 of Make MKV, was having this issue before the upgrade)

Checking the details of the MKV files on the not working and working video files they appear to be the same video size and audio options.  Using VLC player the ripped MKV files play without issue.

Is there any other log or option file I can check to try and troubleshoot this message?
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