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I’m frustrated

Nero Recode 2016 & Windows 10

I have installed Nero Platinum 2016 to run with Windows 10. However, the Recode programme is failing to work. In line with previous practice (Recode 2014) I am attempting to convert a video recorded from TV onto a disc into a digital file which I can play on my media player and transfer to an external hard drive. When I load the Video-TS file and click on the "start encoding" button the Recode 2016 appears to freeze: it places a file in the destination folder I specify but its size is only 32 bytes and does not increase; as well there is no indication from the status/progress bar that the programme is continuing to work on the task. Windows Task Manager shows the programme to still be "running" but I am only able to exit Recode programme by "end Task" in Task Manager. I have previously worked with Nero Recode 2014 without any difficulty. Please advise ...
Kevin Lloyd.
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