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Nero says my Blu-Ray Burner isn't a burner.

Sooooo... just as the title says really..

I created a .NRG image file of a blu-ray film that I want to burn.

I right click on the NRG file and choose 'Burn Image To Disc'

It launches into Nero Burning ROM as expected and gives me the first screen to choose the ticky boxes...'Simulation, Write, Verify' etc etc...

I then click 'OK' and it starts to write to 'Image Recorder' as oppose to my Blu-Ray burner...

Everytime I ask it to burn to the Blu-Ray Drive, I get the error message telling me that its not a Blu-Ray drive, It can only burn CD's..

(for the record, it is a blu-ray drive, tried and tested lol)

Has anyone else come across this >??

My Blu-Ray drive is an LG BH16NS40 with the latest firmware.

Many thanks everyone.

UPDATE - I suppose I must mention which version of Nero i'm using. Its Nero 2016 Platinum. Ta,
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