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I’m frustrated.

Nero Soundtrax (Nero 6 & 2016) - Audible Clicks at CD Index Points. Very Annoying!

If I add CD index's manually or via auto to my music compilation project then burn the image to a CD using the various procedures, I get a very annoying 'audible click' when these index's are reached on playing the burnt CD. If I return to the saved project in Nero Soundtrax and 'carefully move' some of the CD index's very, very slightly using the mouse and then re-burn to CD again (!), some of the 'audible clicks' disappear or are made worse or louder! This could take days to get right. What a game! I have used different blank media and different CD writers over the years but I can't achieve a silent burn with only the music audible. Just to reassure any potential helpers, the clicks are not on the music files. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for reading this.
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