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Nero TuneItUp Surreptitiously Installed!

Yesterday, in the course of looking into topic wave editor 2017, I uninstalled Nero WaveEditor and downloaded and installed a new version from the Nero download page. After doing this, I began receiving messages via pop-ups on my screen from Nero TuneItUp asking me for permission to "improve" or "speed up" my system.
Although there was no short-cut to WaveEditor to be found on my desktop, there were these:

And in the task bar:

And, of course, in the program list:


Especially in light of topic Nero 2016 close all java-Aplications on Exit! which has been ignored for over a year. As is described in that topic and topic Nero 2017 Platinum crashes Microsoft Excel every time.Any solutions to this system conflict?, Nero BurningROM is somehow managing to crash unrelated processes. The fact that this happens makes both Nero and Windows look pretty bad. The fact that it is ignored is almost unbelievable - only "almost", because ignoring bugs seems to be common practice with Nero as anyone following this forum can easily see.

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