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Nero video 2014 - Editing AVCHD videos - The film shows untimely cuts

I'm using Nero video 2014 for editing AVCHD videos.
However, whether the finalized project is burned to DVD or recorded directly on the hard disk, the film shows untimely cuts (the image freezes, the sound continues or the image is frozen while the meter continues to scroll through the seconds).
What would be the origin of this problem? How to solve it?
Thank you in advance
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  • Well, v2014 was known for sync issues, although that doesn't seem to be the issue here.

    Are you playing it in the Nero Blu-ray player?

    If so, make sure that v14 is up to date as determined by running the check for updates? If not, please update. Then, retry playback of the disc.

    Sometimes, video has dropped frames which you can't see during playback. It can cause the problem you're seeing.

    Before pursuing the dropped frames issue further, open Nero Video and select Blu-ray disc. Import your video file (s). Continue on until you get to the Burn screen. Select Burn to hard drive folder. Specify a folder for the burn. Burn the project. It will create a BDMV folder. Open Nero the Nero Blu-ray player. Drag and drop the BDMV folder on it. Do you see the same problem?

    If the problem persists, try recoding the video(s) to mpeg-4 in Recode. Try the Blu-ray project again with the recoded video (s).
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