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Nero Video 2015 burn reports success but the disk is still blank. What is Wrong?

Nero video 2015 reports a successful burn but the target DVD remains blank I have reloaded the software however the problem remains the same. I had this problem starting around a week ago. I was having problems with windows 7 64bit Pro as well so I reinstalled the windows operating system with no apparent issues. I down loaded the Nero software and reinstalled it again all appeared well. The problem is a burn operation reports a successful burn but the target DVD is blank when the operation states success. Reloading the software has failed to fix the problem. I am lost as what to do next.
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  • I’m Happy to divorce Nero
    An update on my problem it appears my DVD drive tanked on me and was the reason burns failed. What I understand of the issue is #1 windows error reporting sucks at best #2 Nero Support is useless I still have yet to get a reply and I really
    don't expect one seeing as the still haven't responded to my question dating back to 2015. The up side is I have $#!t canned nero 2015 and purchased a product by Roxio Installation reported an error but my mail sent to support yielded an answer in less then an hour. What that does that say volumes about Nero in that if you really need support your best bet is tighter underwear cause you're not going to get it from them. Heads up steer away there are far better options out there.
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