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I’m frustrated!

Nero Video 2016 HD Platinum Export to File fails regardless of video format options (NTSC) preferred MP4 H.264

My Nero 2016 HD Platinum Nero Video, Advanced Editing video previews preview perfectly. When the video review is completed I tried repeatedly with several videos to Export to File > MP4 or > Web.

Invariably the Export fails with no other error message given.

For the Export to Web version I edited the video to ensure total length was under 15 minutes.

My preferred Export would be MP4 H.264.

Upload to YouTube fails authentication, although I correctly enter my YouTube e-mail address and password. I can upload directly using my browser, but not from Nero 2016 HD Platinum Video.

OS: Windows 10 x64
Browser: Internet Explorer 11 (Desktop Mode)

Both Windows 10 and Nero are up to date, as is my AMD Radeon HD graphics driver. I've spent two days producing the video and another day re-editing and troubleshooting the Export Fail problem.
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