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I’m frustrated and sad

nero video 2018 exporting problem

Hi everyone
I have purchased nero platinum 2018 and i have a problem that is making me become crazy.
I have some files aquired from tv with .ts extension. When i try to modify and then to export in an avi or mpeg file the export process stop always at the same point for each video and there is no way to proceed.
I suspected the problem could be related to some synch issue of the original file BUT nero vision 11 (and some other freeware programs) can handle those files and perfectly export them with no problems at all, so synch issue cant be the reason.
How can i solve?
I bought the 2018 software to improve my works and i had to reinstall the old version, im not happy!
My computer is intel i7 running windows 8.1 but i also try using computers with windows 10 and windows 7 and i always get the same issue.
tnx in advance for the support.
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