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Nero video 2018 platinum slideshow issue

Let me first say that this is a new issue on this project as the same video on the same branded blu ray was working fine in the same DVD blu ray player. I must have changed a setting or something inadvertently and I don't know how to get things back to working. When playing on the blu ray DVD player the main slideshow screen comes up but the highlighted thumbnail only stays highlighted allowing me about one second to select it by hitting my ok button on my remote. After the highlighted area goes away, I have to stop the blu ray and hit play once again to once again quickly hit the ok button on the remote. I have no menu buttons set on my slide show and I chose the theme "action". Any help?? I am killing my wallet burning through blu rays just to throw them away. Also, I know the entire 17 minute slideshow is burning because if I hit the ok button on the remote fast enough it plays fine.
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  • Hello Inocense-

    To avoid burning discs for testing, burn your project to your hard drive. That will create a BDMV (or BDAV) folder on your hard drive which you can play in one of the free blu-ray players such as Leawo Blu-Ray player or VLC Player.

    What do you mean you have no buttons on the menu? Did you select "do not create a menu?" If so, there shouldn't be any buttons during playback.

    If you choose a Title menu, there will be at least one button. However, you can select Customize, Advanced Editing. Click on Disk/project. Select First Play Action and select Movie1. If you want to see the menu when it finishes playing, then leave the end action at Jump to Menu. Elsewise, select Play Next Title.

    Does any of that help?
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