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I’m frustrated

nero video 2018 will not install

Nero video 2018 will not install , it locks up at 10% unpacking files mark

Using a windows 10 64bit

Not much of a tech guy here so i have no idea what to do any help would be appreciated.
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  • 1. Uninstall your Nero program from your computer.

    2. Download the Nero FirstAidKit from to your hard-drive. Unzip the ZIP-file with WinZip or WinRAR and save the content to your hard drive. Double-click on the unzipped EXE-file to start the Nero FirstAidKit.
    -> The window "Nero FirstAidKit (for test only)" will open.

    3. Confirm the message to remove the Nero entries with YES.
    -> A status window will open.
    The execution of the tool may take several minutes.

    4. Please wait until the progress has been completed.
    -> The message "Finished cleaning up" is displayed.

    5. Close the window by clicking the "finish" button.
    -> Nero FirstAidKit has removed all Nero entries from your registry.

    6. Reboot your computer.

    7. Afterwards start a new Nero installation on your system as administrator and with your antivirus deactivated. No new issues should arise.
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