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Nero Video chrashes on Windows 10 Pro 64bit (ver. 1803)

Nero Video (Nero 2017 Platinum) chrashes on Windows 10 Pro 64bit (ver. 1803), I had to reinstall Windows two weeks ago, and the Nero Video program began to crash after two or three runs. Then I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Platinum package, and the Video worked again - and then after another two runs, it crashes again. I never had these problems under Windows 10 Home 64bit, is there a problem with Windows 10 Pro? Anybody has a solution or workaround?
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  • Found a clue: When Nero is "Run as Administrator" the Nero Video starts without any problems. Somehow parts of Documents  subfolders was taken over by local administrator. Thus, Nero Video was unable to create a .nvc file during startup.
    Now, after changing ownership on the whole Documents folder AND subfolders to my username, it all works again.
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