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I’m very sad

Nero Video doesn't open - "The application is already running."

Nero Platinium 2019 version Nero Video doesn't open, and whatever I tried - failed.

When I try to run Nero Video (either by Nero Start menu, or directly by NeroVision.exe) first time just the splash screen of the Nero Video shows up for 1 second and then closes automatically. Trying to run it again and again the same error message appears - Nero Video : "The application is already running."

Waiting for many minutes - but the Nero Video window itself doesn't show up. And on the Windows Task Manager I see the NeroVision.exe process running at the background.

I killed the task NeroVision.exe from the Windows Task Manager, and tried to run the Nero Video again - but the result is exactly the same as before..

And despite searching a lot for the solution on the Internet, I couldn't find any right answer - even from the Nero web sites..

Please help me to solve this problem... It's very urgent for me..
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