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Nero Video is not honest about file size

Why does Nero Video 2019 make an image file that is larger than a standard DVD? Nero Video says that the used space is below the standard limit but when the image file is created it is much larger. Sometimes almost 2 Gb larger. Sometimes I have to encode a video several times, reducing the bitrate until I get a file I can burn. The strange thing is, it wasnt always like this. I used to be able to trust that if Nero said it would make the right file size, it was spot on. Now its a guessing game. Any ideas on what would cause this?
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  • Hi,
    I will try to reproduce on my end. Are those the steps you are doing?

    - Open Nero Video
    - On the start screen select DVD > DVD-Video
    - Import a file
    - In the recording format options set "Fit to disc"
    - Choose a menu template
    - In the burn options all titles are shown as "0% smart encoding ratio"
    - Burn to Image Recorder as NRG

    Please check if you do anything else and let me know. It would be interesting what kind of source file you are using e.g. video codec, length or if you do any editing before you burn the stuff etc.
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